Great alternative to the clone tool.

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Great alternative to the clone tool. Empty Great alternative to the clone tool.

Post by Nathalie on Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:28 pm

A great alternative to the clone tool.  Thank you Lucille for explaining this to us.

Duplicate the layer in photoshop ( short step, CTRL- J) in your menu on the left side go to the healing brush tool (the band-aid)  
click open the fly out menu and choose the healing brush.

using the bracket
{ (decrease brush size)
}(increase brush size)

Set the brush size no bigger than what you need.

alt and click just below that crinkle, that determines where you are healing from.  

Now just paint over that area following the pattern (in this case towards the top) just small strokes at the time and watch the magic happen.
If you paint anywhere else in the picture just remember to alt and click beside where you are painting so it blends in with the surrounding tones.

The image could use a bit more sharpening but you don't want to sharpen the petals just around the edges.

Duplicate the layer again (CTRL-J)  

go to filter


High pass

change the radius to about 1.5  (you can see that only the edges is getting the sharpening)

click ok.

I know it looks weird but it will get a whole lot better in a minute.

Above the layer where it says normal - click on the arrow pointing down to open that menu and change it to soft light. If you think it's too much sharpening change the opacity to where you like it.
Voila, a nice final image that really didn't need a whole lot.  I'm just critical about anything.....LOL

Any questions, let me know.

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